How ARK Guitar School Started

ARK Guitar School has officially been going eight years now, although I have been teaching people for well over 10 years ranging from 4 to 50+, loving and learning everyday! It started when travelling really and I would teach fellow travellers while going round Australia and developed a love for it. Prior to that my passion for the guitar was purely as a hobby.

Once I returned I began teaching guitar in my spare time after placing an advert in local paper and ARK Guitar School was born and we have been growing year on year ever since!

I pride myself on the quality of the lessons, the time my guitar students stay is testament to this. 80% of my weekly students have been having guitar lessons in Bedfordshire with ARK Guitar School for over 18 months, which for a guitar teaching company is something to be proud of. This shows that students enjoy their guitar lessons and are constantly seeing progress.

Guitar Grading Exams

Within the last 2 years we have begun to put our students through their grading exams and have shown great feedback from this. We have chosen to focus on the Rockschool Guitar Exams as we find that this suits the direction that we like to take our students where we focus on the Rock Music element of playing the guitar. We also like to look toward the RGT Guitar Exams if the student requires but our preference is with Rock School.

ARK Guitar School are currently in the process of talking to schools regarding giving guitar lessons in Bedfordshire schools. It is our aim to provide quality guitar lessons in Bedfordshire schools and to also provide a hobby for its students outside of school time, such as with our Group Guitar Lessons.

Bedfordshire has a number of schools and students who are keen to learn so we are very confident in being able to do this.