Develop a Guitar Practice Schedule

Guitar Practice Schedules

Do you have a guitar practice schedule? How often do you practice the guitar? Do you find it hard to find a suitable time to practice and as such you aren’t seeing the results that you want to see?

A guitar practice schedule is nothing more than a plan of when and what you are going to practice. Do you know what you are going to practice, when and what results you expect to see. You should do, if you don’t then start! Tom Hess considers a guitar practice schedule vital to the progress of you guitar playing, and he knows a thing or two about teaching and playing!

From my experience I have seen that the biggest problem with students learning the guitar is that they either practice incorrectly or they don’t have a dedicated time to practice. It is too easy to just practice a song, a routine or a couple of chords and expect to see results from that. While that holds true to a certain degree, there are quicker ways.

Set A Goal!

As always, focus and practice just one area of your guitar playing, literally don’t worry about other areas, we aren’t too concerned about those just yet!

Lets take your strumming as an example of the area of the guitar you would like to improve. You might be finding your strumming exercises boring, or your range of strumming patterns to be too limited. So lets just work on them.

  • Now set yourself a challenge, a goal, an aim of what you want to learn
  • Set aside 3-4 nights per week when you are going to practice.
  • Don’t practice the guitar for too long, I’m going to say 10-15 minutes
  • Don’t stop until you can do what you set out to do
  • Leave the guitar and come back to it later and repeat

The aim here is that most guitarists practice for 40 minutes (for example), put their guitar down, come back to it a few days later and have either forgotten or struggle to be able to repeat what they have done immediately.

This method of guitar practice will help you learn quicker and it will take less time

Practice Little And Often!!

Play What You Enjoy

By all means, continue to play what you enjoy, never stop that. The above method for guitar practice is to schedule a regular pattern of practice. That is certainly what I advise my students.

A lot of what students learn on the guitar is only relevant for the first 10-15 minutes. It gets forgotten. This is wasted time, so practice what you need and come back to it later, tomorrow, in two days or adopt this method for absorbing information while reading to your guitar practice schedule. I guarantee that by the end of the week you will have remembered more in a shorter amount of time than with more conventional methods.

A Guitar Practice Schedule is key, so pencil those days in and stick to it, make it a habit!


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