Guitar Lesson Formats

ARK Guitar School provide three primary lesson formats for its students. These are:

Now each of these has its benefits. We always recommend a mixture of learning privately (One To One Guitar Lessons and/or Skype Guitar Lessons) mixed with occasional Group Guitar Lessons. All these lesson formats are very beneficial in their own way.

When learning privately you have a lot of one to one care, the guitar teacher can show you exactly where you personally need to go and what you need to practice. These lessons however don’t really give you the benefit of playing with other students – no private tutor in the world could provide you with that!

The Lesson formats for you to chose from are:

Local Guitar Lessons

The most popular, tried and tested lesson format. This is the one that everyone knows, loves and expects and it still today shows great results. ARK Guitar School travels to your house and will teach you on a private one to tuition bases and will tailor our lesson plan around your needs and requests while at the same time including elements of what you need to know as a guitar player.

If you are student looking to take your Guitar Exams or simply learn to play as a hobby (as most people are), then this the ideal format for you. We have no pre payment required and no cancellation policy so you can book in a lesson when us as you wish and learn at your leisure.

Group Guitar Lessons

Group Guitar Lessons offer you the chance to play with a group of people this way increasing your confidence and playing ability in a way that normal guitar lessons don’t provide. Depending on the type of group lesson that you have the student has the chance to play with a bassist, a singer and drummer.

Group lessons also give you the experience of playing with a rhythm guitar or lead guitarist, this teaches you about keeping in time and playing in a band type format. During these lessons we always teach and give you way more than you came with, but the aim of these lessons are to play in group and occasionally put on a show, we want you enjoying these, they are great fun!

Look at our Group Lessons page for more information or Contact Us.

Skype Guitar Lessons

Skype Guitar Lessons give you the chance to have lessons online, we offer a wide variety of options such as shorter lessons, just teaching you one thing you may want a hand with or even just general advice. These lessons have been running with ARK Guitar School for just over a year now and we have seen great success with them. Skype Guitar Lessons have been shown to be very good for students wanting to learn but don’t have any suitable guitar teachers in their area.

We offer the first two lessons free with no obligation so it is well worth enquiring to see how you get on with them and your first initial thoughts. For more information visit our Skype Guitar Lessons Page.