Group Guitar Lessons

Group Guitar Lessons

Group Guitar Lessons are something that ARK Guitar School love to do. They provide an area of guitar tuition that students can’t get online or on a one to basis. We have been running group guitar lessons around Bedfordshire for just over two years and can’t wait to get the next one going.

So What Are The Benefits?

Group Guitar Lessons give you a number of benefits that you otherwise might not be able to find when learning and playing the guitar. They teach you skills such as:

  • Playing Guitar with other guitarists
  • Playing with drummers and bassists
  • Playing with a lead and/or rhythm guitarist
  • Playing in a band for the completion of the song
  • Learning timing and rhythm
  • Adapting your style of play to something that you might otherwise not learn
  • Building confidence from playing in a group

These are skills that you can’t teach or be taught, these are things that just come from experience. Even if this isn’t something that you want to participate in for the long haul it is well worth trying your hand at to see how you get on.

What Size Group Lessons Do You Do?

The Group Guitar Lessons vary in size, this also depends on the playing ability of the students. While your guitar playing with naturally improve from playing with students in a group and of a better or different ability we do try to only run workshops for people within the same ability of each other.

When And Where Are The Lessons?

The other variation of classes is down to the age of the student, we run either classes for adults or classes for children/teens. Teenagers are able to attend adult classes if they wish – so they get the best of both worlds in that sense! The lessons are run every few months in the Bedfordshire area and more often around Flitwick.

For more information on our next group classes please visit the Contact Us page and request further information on this. Who knows, you might love playing in a band or having a singer playing along to your guitar playing!