Skype Guitar Lessons

Skype Guitar Lessons

Skype Guitar Lessons are something that ARK Guitar School have been running for just over a year now. We have seen this to be very successful and can benefit people in a number of ways. We are finding that these lessons are ideal for students who:

  • Only want an occasional lesson without any commitment
  • Like a mixture of both private and online guitar lessons
  • Just want to learn something specific
  • Want a shorter lesson
  • Struggle to find a local guitar tutor but still want the one to one benefits of teaching
  • Enjoy learning in their own home in their own time

The lessons work over the internet. Prior to the lesson I would of emailed you over the days lesson plan and we go over this together over the internet. This can include links to websites, sheet music, songs to learn etc. This is an excellent method for learning the guitar, these days most things taught have some form of internet interaction. People are learning languages, IT, music – even driving online and the guitar is no different. So using Skype as a one to one method give you the benefit of both private tuition and internet based learning.

So Whats Needed?

Before considering taking Skype Guitar Lessons you will need a laptop, pc or tablet with a webcam and microphone and a decent internet connection. These days most internet connections are fine, assuming you still aren’t on a dial up connection you shouldn’t have any issues.

Now you have those prerequisites, all that is needed for your online guitar lessons is the Skype software installed on your computer which can be accessed from the Skype Download Page (I have included a tutorial video below on how to install this) and a PayPal (Setup video included below) account to pay with.

Unlike our conventional One to One Guitar Lessons where we just offer a first free lesson, with our Skype GuitarĀ Lessons we offer the first two 45 minute lessons for free. We find that the additional time is very beneficial. Skype Guitar Lessons are very flexible and many see the future of guitar lessons as being online.

So What is Skype?

For those who haven’t heard of Skype, Skype is a piece of messaging software used by millions of people all over the world which is very much like MSN Messenger, Google Hangouts, Facebook Chat etc. Skype enables you to add contacts to your profile and call or message them via the internet for free. If you are calling abroad it gives these rates at an incredible low cost. This also gives you the ability for video chat, which is why it works perfectly for guitar lessons – and whats more it is completely free!

Skype Download Video Tutorial

For any help with downloading Skype please view the below video which is a simple step by step guide. The install itself shouldn’t take more than five minutes. If you need any additional help with this then let me know and I will email you over some documentation.


How to Setup a Pay Pal Account

The below video shows you how to setup a PayPal account. PayPal is 100% secure for making online payments. Should you have any questions or problems with using this then please Contact Me and we can work out alternative methods going forward